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One of the many dioramas in the Diekirch National Museum of Military History.

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, Luxembourg was one of the major battlefields of the Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944-1945, a story well documented in the museum at Diekirch . The state ended its neutrality in 1948 when it entered into the Benelux Customs Union and it joined NATO the following year. Cooperation among the Benelux countries had already existed after the First World War, but this time it proved to be a lot more important on a European scale. In 1957, Luxembourg became one of the six founding countries of the European Economic Community (later the European Union) and, in 1999, it joined the euro currency area. As most Luxembourgers are fluent in (at least) two languages (French and Luxembourgish/German), and the small country seems non-threatening to most of the EU, Luxembourgers have risen to high ranks in the EU administration. The most notable is Jean Claude Juncker, the president of the EU commission since 2014.

Luxembourg enjoys a temperate oceanic climate, with the hills of the Ardennes providing some extra protection against the influences of the Atlantic. The best, or at least the sunniest time to go is May to August, although with a bit of luck you'll enjoy mild weather in April and September too. The warm months of July-August are high-season in the country, with outdoor festivals all around, but Spring comes with many flowers and Autumn comes with wine-making opportunities in the Moselle valley area.

Despite the small size of the country, there are measurable differences in overall temperature, with the north being generally a few degrees colder and receiving serious packs of snow in winter. Although comparatively mild for this part of Europe, winters are on the cold side for travels, with average temperatures around +2°C in January and occasional low points of -15°C at night. July and August are the warmest months, with average temperatures between 15°C and 25°C, and usually a few days over 30°C. Annual precipitation is around 780mm, with highs in August and December.

Mostly gently rolling uplands with broad, shallow valleys; uplands to slightly mountainous in the north; steep slope down to Moselle flood plain in the south.

Luxembourgish ("Lëtzebuergesch") is the national language. Luxembourgish is close to German and forms a dialect continuum with the German dialects across the border, but it is not fully mutually intelligible with more faraway German dialects. However, Luxembourg is also a Francophone country, with everything from road signs to menus to information in stores in French , so French is the most useful language to know and use in the country.

German is also almost universally understood, is used in the court system and is taught in schools, and is the predominant language in the areas of Diekirch and Echternach.

Or other non-arm body part. But he mostly uses his feet.

Even though Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world, there’s a huge difference between when Messi is involved in creating shots and chances and when he isn’t. Here are the equivalent differences for all players since 2010 with more than 100 games played and four or more shots or assist chances per game:

Of course, these are raw shooting percentages and don’t account for the types of shots each player is taking or assisting, or the number of attempts. It’s generally harder to stay valuable over a larger number of shots, and we haven’t yet factored in that difficulty.

For that, we turn back to the goals above average model, which compares each shot or chance outcome with its expectation. From this, we can tell whether a player has exceeded expectations for all of his shot attempts and chances created. Then we can do the same for all shots taken by his team without the player’s involvement, and compare the two. For example, if the player scored .02 goals above expectation per shot attempt, and the rest of his team scored -.01 goals less than expectation, that player’s value-added would be +.03 goals per shot (the value above replacement for that player on that team). Now let’s plot that added value against each player’s 13

Among players who played 100 games with two or more shots per game and one or more chance created per game.

Finally, after however many charts, we see a diminishing return. At least for everyone not named Lionel Messi. He once again tops the field, impervious to the burden.

But that’s just what happens once the shots are lined up. If we want to explore a player’s efficiency, we have to look into his touches more deeply. For this purpose, I created a stat called “possessions used.” It’s a little bit analogous to Cropped virgin wool and silk trousers Valentino Buy Cheap 2018 New wcUFwtHKA
in basketball, and incorporates the number of touches in which a player:

In other words, it’s a stat meant to reflect anything that ends a team’s possession, whether that outcome is positive or negative. Events that simply prolong the possession (taking on a defender and succeeding, or passing the ball to another teammate who does not take a shot) aren’t factored in.

Obviously passing the ball is an important skill (which I covered a bit above), but for this metric I just want to know about the relative likelihood of good outcomes (goals, assists) to bad ones (misses, turnovers, etc.) when the player does something possession-ending. Womens Jeans Mustang Sale View qy43C7g

This also somewhat neutralizes any statistical advantage for players who play for pass-happy teams like Barcelona.

Cutting out all the passing that doesn’t end in a shot, Messi generates the most points per touch of any player with a similar usage rate. But there are a couple of other important things to notice in this graph: Despite not taking as many shots, Messi uses more possessions per game than Ronaldo does. This is generally because Messi is much more likely to take on defenders, and thus is much more likely to lose possession of the ball or turn it over entirely. (He is also relatively more likely to set up a potential assist.)

plan for the most extreme case possible

An API provider that under-builds could be dramatically stunting potential growth. Ensuring that an API has the proper ability to route traffic is one thing, but under-building the underlying architecture to such a point that success is self-restricted is another thing entirely.

How can we stop this from being a problem? First and foremost, building out support for alternative Mens 016ee2j002 Chest Pocket Slim Fit Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Esprit With Credit Card Online Fashionable Sale Online For Sale xinJuMeEYP
and adopting additional language implementations is incredibly helpful. Not everybody is going to a JSON fan, and not everybody is going to want to use Ruby. Easing implementations in both common and esoteric languages opens your system to further development and iteration to match a constantly evolving industry.

Traffic management and scalable mindset is all for naught if the application itself is not extensible . While extensibility is indeed its own concept, with its own considerations and implications, whether or not a service is extensible can have a direct impact on whether or not it’s scalable.


While it’s a great practice to develop with scalability from the onset, there’s no way that a provider can know literally every possible future use and application of their service.

Thankfully, developers don’t need to be clairvoyant. When a system is properly designed with scalability in mind, functions should be interrelated as much as they are interconnected and interfaceable. That sounds like a bunch of buzzwords, but we can see this exact type of solution in something like Cheap Best Sale Shop For Cheap Price Womens Wireless Bra Lovable Cheap Discounts Recommend Discount Authentic Online U25nbz6vB


In GraphQL, you get predictability by allowing users to define what they want, and get exactly that. While that’s helpful, that’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of extensibility. Because GraphQL ties into the underlying structure of the API and its resources, many resources can be called in a variety of ways using a single call. What this means is that a system like GraphQL, compared to a traditional API, is better able to handle a variety of requests that the developer may never have anticipated.

Adopting extensibility adds value to your service. While many niche web services derive their power from specialization, making a truly extensible application, with the added benefit of being scalable to boot, is supremely valuable and grants amazing staying power.

You cannot always decrease the complexity of the problem — your traffic will always be your traffic, and use cases will remain the same. What you can do, however, is simplify your API architecture and thus simplify the resultant solution applied to the problem. By increasing efficiency , you can drastically reduce the actual resources needed by an application.

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